Improve Your Life & Feel Like Yourself Again With TMJ Therapy

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) sit on either side of your head and attach your jaw to your skull. They go largely unnoticed as they help you perform daily activities like eating, talking, and yawning. However, when these joints become inflamed or irritated, you can experience a great deal of pain. Fortunately, Dr. Kaady offers comprehensive treatment for TMD that can help your jaw feel better and give you a better quality of life.

We use a 3-D cone beam CT scanner. This equipment gives us a 360-degree look at your teeth, bones, and facial muscles. This may give us all the information we need to determine that you will benefit from a custom TMJ appliance.

A custom-fit TMJ appliance will:

  • Relieve pressure on your jaw, so your TMJ can heal
  • Eliminate teeth grinding, which is a major cause of tension headaches
  • Protect your teeth from grinding-related damage
  • Help you sleep throughout the night and wake up without an aching jaw

We also use MLS (multi-wave locked system) laser therapy to treat TMJ. Patients love this treatment because it is painless and highly effective. The laser will speed tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and promote new cell growth.

Dr. Kaady Prioritizes the Health of Your Entire Body

Dr. Kaady believes in treating the whole body to eliminate TMJ problems. So he works with a trusted network of specialists who will help us identify the root cause and determine the correct diagnosis for you. Many of our patients who suffer from sleep disordered breathing will develop TMJ issues. This happens as your jaw fights to open your airway while you are sleeping, which creates strain on a joint that never gets to rest. It’s important that we look at your entire health scenario to identify how you should be treated.

If needed, he will confer with them. We’ll get you the exact treatment you need with input from specialists like:

  • A sleep medicine doctor
  • An ear, nose, and throat specialist
  • A myofunctional therapist (who specializes in correcting the improper placement of the tongue and orofacial muscles)
  • A chiropractor

We may also refer you to one of these specialists for additional treatment. We want to get you the relief you need. So we’ll make sure your diagnosis is correct and that the appropriate steps are taken to get you relief.

Call the experts at Bridgetown Dental at 503-809-4742 today if you think you could benefit from TMJ treatment in Portland. You can also make an appointment online.