Get Excellent Family Dentistry From Our Team

Good family dentistry is important because it sets your children up for a lifetime of happy smiles. Instilling good oral hygiene habits into your little ones will help them carry these practices into their adult lives. This gives them confidence in their smiles, eliminates unnecessary cost for extra dental care, and helps them avoid discomfort caused by dental emergencies.

That’s why Dr. Kaady likes to start young children off with “happy visits.” The initial appointments will:

  • Help your little ones get used to the idea of dental care
  • Introduce them to our staff
  • Let them see the equipment we use to keep smiles healthy
  • Reward them with a prize from our “treasure chest” at the end of the happy visit

As your child ages, their appointments will more closely resemble yours, with a complete dental cleaning and exam. If we find and diagnose cavities or other problems, we can walk you through options for repairing them. Our goal is to see your child into adulthood, watching them grow up with a beautiful smile.

Of course, we offer services for every member of the family, including teens, adults, and seniors. We want to improve their overall health, not just their smiles. So we use a holistic approach to treatment.

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