Whitening Treatment Can Turn Your Smile Around

Few cosmetic dental treatments are as budget-friendly and quick as is teeth whitening treatment. Using a professional take-home whitening kit, our team can help you enjoy a whiter smile in just a couple of weeks. Your treatment will:

  • Give you quicker and more dramatic results than what you can get from a box you buy off the shelf of the drugstore
  • Give you the exact results you want, with less sensitivity
  • Allow you to brighten your smile any time you want, even while watching TV or soaking in the tub

Over the course of a couple of weeks, you’ll attain the level of whitening you want from the professional strength gel. It will be a gradual process, with your teeth becoming whiter with each application. Soon, you’ll look in the mirror and see your lustrous smile.

As an added bonus, you’ll always have our team as support if you have a question or concern about your whitening treatment. That’s definitely something you won’t get from a box off the shelf!

For teeth whitening in Portland, call us today at 503-809-4742, Get started on your new smile today! You can also make an appointment online.