5 Reasons to See Us for Sleep Apnea Treatment

Not long ago, we wrote about why you shouldn’t ignore sleep apnea. It all comes down to feeling better and improving your overall health. While lots of dentists offer sleep apnea treatment, the quality can vary widely. 

At Bridgetown Dental, we offer treatment for sleep disorders that is far more comprehensive than most other practices. To schedule a consultation in Portland, OR, call us today at 503-809-4742.

In the meantime, check out some of the advantages of treating your obstructive sleep apnea at our office:

  • We Treat Children and Adults – It is common for children to have problems with sleep-disordered breathing. Even so, most dentists don’t offer treatment for them. We can provide a custom dental appliance that promotes nasal breathing. We can also suggest exercises for their facial muscles and tongue. Kids may also need tongue-tie treatment if their frenulum is restricting movement of the tongue. Our gentle laser quickly and comfortably addresses this issue.
  • We Look at Root Causes – Dr. Kaady uses 3-D imaging to examine your airway and evaluates your posture and balance to see if they may be worsening the problem. He can provide you with a sleep study test you can take in the comfort of your own home. Results are then evaluated by a sleep doctor. Once he’s identified all the underlying issues, he can provide the most effective treatment for you. 
  • We Relieve Jaw Pain Caused by Apnea – In many cases, you’ll have jaw pain related to your sleep apnea. Dr. Kaady can use MLS (multi-wave locked system) laser therapy to lessen inflammation of your jaw and encourage healing. 
  • We Help You Avoid a CPAP – We can fit you for a comfortable, custom-made oral appliance that keeps your airway open while you sleep. It’s easier to use than a CPAP machine and less disruptive for you and your bed partner. It’s also simpler to clean and maintain. Unlike a CPAP, you can use it anywhere.
  • We Work With Specialists When Needed – Dr. Kaady has extensive experience in treating sleep disorders. He’ll enlist specialists when needed to give you the best results. So, for example, he may suggest seeing an ear, nose, and throat specialist or a myofunctional therapist. 

Think you may need sleep apnea treatment? Call Bridgetown Dental today at 503-809-4742. You can also make an appointment online.