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Meet Dr. Ziad Kaady, a Caring Dentist for All Your Smile Care Needs

Dr. Ziad Kaady founded Bridgetown Dental with one goal in mind: to deliver joy and elevate the human experience. His patients appreciate his gentle touch and expert care. Along with his cheerful team, Dr. Kaady has created a supportive environment centered around trust and understanding. His goal is the same every day he walks into his North Portland office: to create happy patients and an unbelievable dental experience using a holistic approach to patient care. Dr. Kaady understands how important the health of your mouth is to the rest of your body, which guides his approach to dentistry as a whole.

Dr. Kaady received his dental degree from the Oregon Health and Science University. He is a member of the American Dental Association and Oregon Dental Association. He has special interest in treating sleep apnea and TMJ disorders. He is certified to use the Vivos method for mild to moderate cases of apnea and the Myoaligner protocol for TMJ problems.