Remove Your Wisdom Teeth Before They Cause Problems

Wisdom teeth usually begin to appear between the ages of 17 and 25, although they sometimes need to be extracted earlier to make it easier to get orthodontic treatment. You may be one of the fortunate ones who don’t have any issues with these third molars. If they are causing crowding or pain, Dr. Kaady can remove them so they don’t cause more problems later on. If the teeth are impacted, meaning they are in the wrong position or are under you other teeth, he’ll refer you to a specialist for removal. We want to do what’s best for you at all times!

If he removes your wisdom teeth, we’ll give you complete aftercare instructions to help make your recovery as comfortable as possible. You’ll want to take it easy for at least 24 hours so blood clots can form and stay in place where your teeth were removed.

Relax With Our Sedation Options During Your Procedure

If you don’t like the idea of oral surgery and it makes you anxious, we can give you dental sedation for your procedure. We offer two beneficial methods for relaxation:

  • Inhaled Sedation – You’ll breathe in this sweet-smelling gas through a small mask worn over your nose. In moments, the gas will give you an allover feeling of relaxation and lightness. As soon as the gas is removed, you’ll feel like yourself in no time. You will even be able to drive yourself home with no problems.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – For this type of sedation, Dr. Kaady will prescribe a small, FDA-approved pill that you’ll take ahead of your procedure. By the time you’re situated in the dental chair, you’ll feel relaxed (and maybe a bit groggy) from head to toe. Your dental care will be the furthest thing from you mind as you lie back comfortably during your wisdom teeth extraction.

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