Plan for a Dental Cleaning This Spring

You already know that dental checkups should be part of your oral care routine. If you haven’t seen your dentist in Portland, OR yet this year, then you should call 503-809-4742.

Schedule a Spring dental cleaning at Bridgetown Dental.

Clear Out Your Junk

Plaque and tartar buildup increases your odds of getting cavities or developing periodontal problems. Cleaning it up is a godo way to prevent problems.

Address Any Issues

When you have dental problems, it is best to repair them as soon as possible. Early detection make treatment easier, more effective, and less invasive.

Make Some Improvements


Your cleaning includes polishing your teeth, but your visit is an opportunity to discuss your goals as well. Maybe whitening or veneers can elevate your smile.

Call Bridgetown Dental today at 503-809-4742 for an appointment in Portland, OR. You can also online.